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Rules and Admin 20 8
    Design Rules for Gentlemen  by HoOmAn
09.11.2012 10:05
The Rock Doctor , thesmilingassassin
The Meeting Place
This place is for every update on and every information about the SIM and its rules as well as for everything that seems interesting.
20749 1433
    Important! Board Update from...  by The Rock Doctor
22.11.2013 00:00
The Rock Doctor , thesmilingassassin
News and Stories
Newspapers from all over the Wesworld can be found here.
29662 1526
    Yugoslav News and Events, Th...  by BruceDuncan
17.11.2013 16:09
The Rock Doctor , thesmilingassassin
SIM Reports
Quarterly reports can be found here.
6453 2270
    Chosen's Naval Developments...  by Daidalos
08.11.2013 19:36
The Rock Doctor , thesmilingassassin
Infrastructure Board
Here the infrastructure and all updates on infrastructure of all participating powers are to be placed.
489 51
    Chilean Infrastructure  by Brockpaine
07.11.2013 02:45
The Rock Doctor , thesmilingassassin
Weapons of Warfare
Ship Design
Ship designs and discussions about everything that floats are to be placed here.
32666 1901
    [Nordmark] Carrier 1945  by Valles
17.11.2013 09:17
HoOmAn , The Rock Doctor , thesmilingassassin
Aircraft Design
Discussions about aircraft designs and everything that flys are to be put here.
6109 382
    DAF Eagle IDV aircraft  by BruceDuncan
11.11.2013 00:19
HoOmAn , The Rock Doctor , thesmilingassassin
Land Equipment
Land equipment and related stuff - dicussions about everything that doesn´t float or fly.
3776 263
    Battlefield Doctrine of the...  by BruceDuncan
17.11.2013 03:45
HoOmAn , The Rock Doctor , thesmilingassassin
Non-WW Design Folder
For all non-Wesworld designs (ships, planes, etc).
2966 254
    Bi-Plane  by Daidalos
01.11.2013 18:12
Group Boards
League of nations
Political issues are to be posted here
1403 25
    Statement of the Chinese Gov...  by Sachmle
05.10.2013 05:08
Brockpaine , thesmilingassassin
NATO Internals
Only NATO members are allowed.
2096 89
    Unknown  by Hood
06.10.2013 10:25
ShinRa_Inc , thesmilingassassin
Grand Alliance
This is for GA members only. Go away if you are not part of this elite!
1897 138
    Unknown  by BruceDuncan
15.11.2013 04:04
Brockpaine , thesmilingassassin
AEGIS Private Room
This is for AEGIS internals.
645 63
    Unknown  by Kaiser Kirk
23.08.2013 04:43
PTO discussions
2839 137
    Unknown  by Rooijen10
16.10.2013 15:49
HoOmAn , The Rock Doctor
Warsaw Pact
For WP only.
279 36
    Unknown  by Brockpaine
18.07.2013 02:45
Treaties signed among WesWorld powers.
315 67
    The Coldmere Protocol  by BruceDuncan
13.09.2013 21:09
Atlantis, Egypt, South Africa
698 112
    RSAA Vehicles  by HoOmAn
22.10.2013 21:25
Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, United States
1231 265
    US Field Armies and Defense...  by TheCanadian
07.11.2013 06:08
Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, China (inc. Formosa), Chosen, India, Indochina, Iraq, Japan, Persia, Philippines, Siam
2030 390
    Philippine Navy - Aircraft N...  by BruceDuncan
15.11.2013 14:45
Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iberia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Nordmark, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, UK, Yugoslavia
4981 692
    Economic - Shipbuilding Comp...  by Hood
12.11.2013 17:11
NPC Nations 82 11
    Unknown  by Kaiser Kirk
27.04.2008 21:08
Naval Treaty Talks 2587 87
    Unknown  by Hrolf Hakonson
11.08.2007 13:16
HoOmAn , thesmilingassassin
La Habana Talks 56 4
    Unknown  by thesmilingassassin
03.10.2007 10:25
Archive 3024 262
    Unknown  by Hood
26.11.2012 21:50

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